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All the best online stores have these 10 things in common

What do you love most about your favourite online store? Some may choose the look and feel of the website, while others would credit an easy ... Read more 4 min read


“My boss’s name was Angela. But angelic, she wasn’t. She was mean,” says Lindi, describing her first job, at a Johannesburg travel company. “She’ ... Read more 5 min read

Inclusive Design: More love, more humans

In July, HoneyKome was the proud sponsor of the monthly UX Masterclass meetup which was held at our Cape Town offices. Steve Barnett & Nicola du ... Read more 5 min read

The best and worst ways technology impacts the planet

Technology is changing the human experience every day. But is it for the better, and what about the rest of the planet? We look at the ... Read more 2 min read

The top 4 challenges that African Women in Tech Face

Cue James Brown lyrics as background music to this article: This is a man’s world! Pum, pum, pum! This is a man’s world! Every ... Read more 5 min read

How Deseré does it

“Don’t ask me how I manage to balance the ‘mom - wife – career’ thing. It’s a disparaging old cliché,” says Deseré Orrill, CEO of ... Read more 5 min read

“People leave people, not companies,” says new Ole! Media Group Talent Manager

Ole! Media has a brand new Group Talent Manager,Capetonian Shireen McWhite. We asked her how she found her way to a career in talent management. ... Read more 5 min read

How to market your small business

Starting a business with no marketing experience can be daunting. Watch as our General Manager, Pierre Cassuto shares key digital marketing tips to help your business ... Read more 1 min read

Moving cities for love

Nicole Smith crosses the Digital Bridge to get Face-to-Face with Mr Right HoneyKome account director Nicole Smith, for 13 years a Capetonian, is transferring to HoneyKome ... Read more 3 min read

Love in a time of dating apps

Having a tiny, but powerful computer in our pockets all day has transformed our lives –how we think, remember things, shop, socialise, and, of course, how ... Read more 3 min read

Leveraging digital platforms for the greater good – beyond the 12-days of Christmas

“Effective causal communications using the digital ecosystem can be powerful instruments for systemic change and brand longevity, not just in times of giving like the Festive ... ... Read more 4 min read

‘Content’ overboard

Pierre Cassuto, General Manager of HoneyKome (an Ole! Media Group company), explains why being asked for a ‘content’ strategy irks him and how companies can ‘swim’ ... ... Read more 4 min read

Interview with BusinessDay TV

In a recent interview with BusinessDay TV, our General Manager, Pierre Cassuto, discussed what a powerful tool Content can be, when it forms part of a ... ... Read more 1 min read

New appointments: Stefan Olivier joins HoneyKome as Creative Director

HoneyKome, the digital consultancy and creative arm of the Ole! Media Group, continues to attract top talent ... ... Read more 1 min read

How women are changing digital marketing

In June 2014, women’s sanitary pad maker Always released a campaign to redefine what it means to be a girl. According to Always, girls’ confidence ... ... Read more 1 min read

HoneyKome promotes Sheharazaad Allie to director of operations

Digital marketing agency HoneyKome (a company in the Ole! Media Group) announced the promotion of Sheharazaad Allie ... ... Read more 1 min read

8 tips for writing business blog posts

Blog posts give your clients an opportunity to read need-to-know product, service or industry advice directly from you. In your post – if you get the message ... ... Read more 2 min read

Perfection is boring

Social media in 2017 calls for a reality check, writes Desere Orrill, co-founder and Group CMO of Ole!Media Group. As digital audiences grow bored with ... ... Read more 4 min read


2016 is close to its end and many marketers are still confused about what SEO actually is today among seemingly endless changes... ... Read more 3 min read

Don’t Just Talk About Your Products, Talk About Your Lifestyle

At HoneyKome, our heartbeat is digital. Digital is at the core of everything we do and always has been... ... Read more 2 min read

Strong, Well-Crafted Messaging Still Rules… Digital or Not

“Digital”. It’s one of those words in our Industry that’s come to mean a great deal of things at once. A bit like “creative” ... Read more 2 min read

HoneyKome sweetens its digital offering for clients with the appointment of two senior managers

Showing it means business, HoneyKome – the strategic consulting arm of the digital media organisation, Ole! Media Group... ... Read more 2 min read

What survived after Flash went nuclear?

Flash is dead. It's not a rumour. If you haven't heard the news here it is: 'Apple drops atomic bomb on Flash'. That was in April 2010... ... Read more 3 min read

HoneyKome appoints Michael Walker as Head of Performance Data and Analytics

Full service digital media agency, HoneyKome, kicks off 2016 with the appointment of its new Head of Performance Data... ... Read more 2 min read

Sportingbet SA: there is no better feeling than being right.

Licensed online betting ‘sportsbook’, Sportingbet South Africa, has appointed digital agency HoneyKome, a subsidiary of the... ... Read more 1 min read

Mobile: the way to Googles’ heart

In today’s world, the shift toward mobile internet use continues to gather momentum, with most searches now originating from... ... Read more 2 min read

SA’s social media gets supportively sporty for the Blitzboks

SA’s social media gets supportively sporty for the Blitzboks. How do we show support to our local sports team when they play... ... Read more 4 min read

Mobile, a game-changer in Africa

Africa’s mobile revolution has been the subject of much discussion for businesses looking to target the continent’s growing... ... Read more 2 min read

New appointments and roles at HoneyKome

HoneyKome, the digital agency launched by the Olé Media Group earlier this year, is rapidly expanding. Agency director, Dylan Kruger... ... Read more 2 min read

OMG establishes digital agency HoneyKome

Digital media organisation, the Ole! Media Group has launched HoneyKome a specialist agency, which will focus on the creation... ... Read more 1 min read